About your stay with us

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About your stay with us


Before admission

Admission Form and Patient Health Questionnaire:

Please complete all areas of your admission form and the patient health questionnaire as soon as possible, ideally 10 days prior, and then either drop them into Reception, post, fax or email to:
Manuka Street Hospital
P.O Box 297
Nelson 7040
Fax: (03) 548 2767
Email: administration@manukastreet.org.nz

If your admission is urgent or at short notice then please bring the completed forms with you.

To ensure a physically safe environment for all patients and medical practitioners, we have eliminated all possible manual lifting by using mechanical aids as well as safe positioning and holding methods. The Patient Health Questionnaire includes questions relating to your physical status to help us plan your care.

If any of the information you have provided to us changes prior to admission please notify us with the details as soon as possible, e.g. diarrhoea, vomiting, cold or flu, skin or wound infections.
Colonoscopy Preparation Instructions

If you are being admitted to Manuka Street Hospital for a Colonoscopy please find the attached general instructions from your Specialist.

Please note, you should follow the instructions provided to you by your Specialist, which may vary from the above based on your medical requirements. If you are unsure please contact your Specialist’s rooms directly or Manuka Street Hospital on 03 548 8566.
What should you bring?

Please bring:

  • Any letters or reports from your doctor, including Prior Approval letter for Insurance Clients
  • List of current medications from your Pharmacy or General Practitioner
  • Any x-rays, CT or MRI films or reports
  • Reading glasses
  • Hearing aid
  • A favourite toy or book for children
  • Walking aid

Personal Laundry

Manuka Street Hospital has no facilities for personal laundry so please arrange this with your family / support person

If you are staying overnight or longer also bring:

  • Night wear (Note: Manuka Street Hospital provides robes and gowns)
  • Non-slip slippers or footwear
  • Toiletries
  • Personal reading
  • A favourite pillow if you wish
  • Clothes to go home in
  • All medication you are currently taking, including herbal and natural remedies. Please ensure you bring your medications in their original containers and a current list of your medications from your pharmacy or General Practitioner (you can phone your pharmacy or General Practitioner to get them to fax this directly to the hospital (03) 548 2767 or bring it with you). Handwritten lists are not acceptable.

This is a legal requirement – if you do not provide this information your surgery may be delayed or cancelled.


We receive many compliments about our meal service, which provides healthy choices prepared and freshly cooked in our own kitchen each day.

You will receive a daily menu; please select from the options. There is a special light option menu. In addition, morning and afternoon tea is served with a choice of baked treats.

There are ice blocks, jelly and ice cream available for children. Please discuss the appropriateness of these with your nurse.

If you have any special dietary needs/ food allergies please detail these on your admission form and feel free to discuss these with your nurse.

Staying with your child

If your child requires an overnight stay, a parent or caregiver may room-in (charge applies, payable prior to admission for children admitted as ACC clients) to ensure your child’s stay is as reassuring as possible. You may like to visit hospital before admission to familiarise your child with the surroundings.

Parents may accompany their child to theatre and stay with them until they are asleep.

Please discuss your needs with your nurse on arrival.


You are welcome to call family and friends using our direct dial facility (for local calls) or you may use your own cellphone if you prefer. Family and friends can contact you by phoning (03) 548 8566.


Internet (Wi-fi) is available in each patient’s room. Please ask the Reception staff for the password.

Cultural/Spiritual Needs:

If you have any specific cultural/spiritual needs, please contact the Hospital prior to your admission.

Interpreter Services:

If you require this service, please inform your surgeon or the Hospital prior to admission so that we can ensure an interpreter is available on your arrival.

Maori Health Support Services:

If you require this service please contact us prior to your arrival.

Physiotherapy Services:

Jean Willy Physiotherapy has been contracted by Manuka Street Hospital to provide physio-therapy services to patients following surgery. Jean, or one of her team, is available to visit you in the hospital after your operation.

Jean Willy Physiotherapy

If you are a Southern Cross patient undergoing a hip or knee replacement, you will receive a physiotherapy visit automatically as part of your surgery (included in the cost of your surgery). For all other surgeries, you can request a physiotherapy visit; this can be arranged by asking the surgeon or nursing staff once you are in the hospital, or by contacting Jean directly before you go into hospital on (03) 546 8722. There is an extra charge for this service.

Valuables and Jewellery (including piercings):

Please do not bring these with you as Manuka Street Hospital cannot take any responsibility for their safe keeping.

Transport and post-operative care at home:

Please make arrangements before your admission for an adult to collect you from the Hospital and to stay with you for the first 24 hours after discharge.

It is illegal to drive for 12 hours after a general anaesthetic. Local anaesthetics, sedation and some medications may impair your vision and your ability to drive safely. If you have an accident when advised not to drive by your specialist, your insurance may not be valid and you may face prosecution.

You should not operate machinery for 24 hours after anaesthetic, sedation or while taking some medications as you may have an accident.

Preparation for surgery:

Your specialist will explain the nature of your operation to you and you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the operation, the likely outcome, side-effects, risks, how long it will take to recover etc. However, it is important to note that every operation requires specific preparation. To give you a general understanding of what to expect, we have prepared the following as a guide:

  • In most cases you will not be allowed food or drink for at least six hours prior to surgery. Your specialist will advise you on this.
  • You should take your normal medications unless otherwise advised by your specialist. It is advised to stop any herbal supplements at least 7 days prior to surgery.
  • Please shower prior to admission.
  • You can wear deodorant, but please do not wear perfume, talc, makeup, or nail polish. Please do not apply moisturizer on areas that will be operated on.
  • For some operations you may undergo special preparation such as hair removal (which we will do at the Hospital).
  • For operations requiring bowel preparation, your specialist will provide the necessary medication.
  • Please do not shave/wax your legs for at least 3 days prior to hip, knee or ankle joint surgery (to reduce likelihood of infection).

Before your admission please consider the following:

  • How will you manage at home following your operation, i.e. meals, showering, housekeeping, groceries, child care etc.?
  • Will you need any special equipment to assist you at home, i.e. wheelchair, walking aid etc.? Manuka Street Hospital provides a limited range of aids.
  • How will you get home from hospital?
  • Who will stay with you overnight after discharge?

If you have any concerns please discuss them with:

  • Your specialist
  • Your General Practitioner
  • Your ACC Case Manager (if an ACC client) or
  • Contact us at the Hospital. We can offer advice and assist you with preparing for discharge home.



Admission to Manuka Street Hospital

On arrival at the hospital you will be welcomed by our reception staff, and escorted to either Day-stay or the Ward.
From here, your details will be checked and a nurse will explain your surgery and your stay at the Hospital. At times it will seem that there is a lot of duplication, with nurses repeatedly asking the same or similar questions; however, this is part of the thorough checking process that we use to ensure your safety.
If there are any changes to the information given on your admission form it is important to let us know so we can update your records.
We understand this may be an anxious time for you and our aim is to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Arrival time:

The time you have been asked to arrive at the hospital is your admission time, not your operation time. We plan your admission time to avoid long waiting times before your arrival in theatre, however, sometimes procedures take longer than planned. We will keep you informed of any delays that alter your expected operation time.
If you are unavoidably delayed, please telephone the Hospital, if possible.

Medical care:

Your medical care while you are in hospital is the responsibility of your surgeon, while your nursing care will be provided by our team of nurses.

Manuka Street Hospital does not employ doctors at the hospital, but we expect your surgeon to visit regularly during your stay.

Should the need arise, we expect your surgeon to be available by telephone and to attend the hospital to provide further prompt specialist assessment or additional medical treatment.

Surgical Infections:

Manuka Street Hospital participates in a national surveillance program, which aims to monitor and reduce the incidence of surgical site infections.

If your procedure meets the criteria for inclusion in this program, you will receive a letter inviting you to participate. We will contact you 90 days after your procedure to ask you a few simple questions about the post-operative healing of your wound. Your responses will help us to maintain our very low infection rate and your assistance is greatly appreciated. If you have any concerns, or require more information, please contact the Infection Control Nurse at the Hospital.



Leaving Hospital / Discharge

In patients:

Your specialist, in consultation with you, will decide on a day of discharge.

Day-stay patients:

Once you are sufficiently recovered, your nurse will discharge you.

All patients:

Before you leave the Hospital your specialist / nurse will advise you of what to expect over the coming days and weeks as you recover. You will receive full information on what to do when you get home, any necessary follow-up appointments or on-going treatment or medication, and contact information should you require any assistance.

Call or visit your surgeon immediately if you become unwell after you leave the hospital and/or develop any of the following signs or symptoms:

  • Sudden shortness of breath and/or pain in your chest
  • Coughing up blood-streaked mucus
  • Raised temperature (fever) of chills
  • Excessive bleeding or wound ooze
  • Increased pain, redness or swelling in or around the wound
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Pain in your pelvis
  • Redness, pain, swelling or tenderness in your leg

Any other signs, symptoms or issues that are of concern to you or your family/whānau

In the event of an emergency, call an ambulance immediately (111).

Referral to support services, home help or district nursing will be made according to your individual needs.

If you need any special equipment on discharge, i.e. crutches, raised toilet seat etc., we can assist you with these.

Please ask if there is anything you are unsure of before you leave.

Discharge time:

Your surgeon / nursing team will discuss your discharge time with you on admission; times are dependent on the type of procedure.

Please remember you should organise for someone to drive you home from hospital and for a responsible adult to care for you for at least 24 hours after discharge.

It is illegal to drive for 12 hours after a general anaesthetic. Local anaesthetics, sedation and some medications may impair your vision and your ability to drive safely. If you have an accident when advised not to drive by your specialist your insurance may not be valid and you may face prosecution.

You should not operate machinery for 24 hours after anaesthetic or while taking some medications as you may have an accident.

If you have any concerns or questions once you get home please contact our staff for further assistance, phone (03) 548 8566.



Your Account

Your specialist will have explained the estimated costs of your treatment to you before admission, including an estimate of the hospital cost, surgeon cost and anaesthetist cost.

If you are a member of a medical insurance scheme, please contact your insurance company, prior to admission, to obtain approval for your procedure.

If you are an ACC client, your specialist will apply for approval from ACC prior to your surgery. Once approval is obtained you can be booked for surgery.

Insurance and private paying clients:

Your accounts from the hospital, surgeon, anaesthetist (physiotherapy and ambulance service, if applicable) will be sent to you directly. Please wait until you receive all accounts and send them away to your insurer together.

If your procedure is contracted through the Southern Cross Affiliated Provider Programme, you will only receive a statement for the shortfall between your cover and the procedure price, which will have been discussed with you at the time of confirming your Prior Approval.

ACC clients:

Your accounts will be sent directly to ACC.

Private Paying Clients:

Please ensure that your hospital fee is paid prior to admission. If we have not received payment, your surgery may be delayed or cancelled. Your surgeon will give you an indicative cost – please see payment options.

Non New Zealand Resident:

Please be aware that as a Non New Zealand resident you may be liable for extra expenses from other providers of medical services e.g. laboratory tests; your surgeon will discuss this with you. You will be required to complete an ‘Acknowledgement by Non New Zealand Residents’ form, which states that you have a valid visa, and that you understand your account settlement.

Payment options:

We accept most credit cards, EFTPOS, cash, cheques, and internet banking is available.

For ease of settling your account, you may wish to pay by direct credit into our bank account:

Manuka Street Hospital

Please use your Invoice Number as the Reference.

Overdue Accounts:

Please note the Agreement on the Admission Form. If you are having problems with payment, please contact the General Manager or Administration Manager as soon as possible. In the event that your account is not paid and no contact has been made, we reserve the right to add both interest (as per our Terms of Trade) and all costs of collection to your account.


Patient Feedback

Our aim is to provide you with excellent service and care. We appreciate your comments and suggestions as these assist us to improve our services. On discharge, you will receive a patient satisfaction survey; please take a few minutes to complete the survey. If you have any concerns or wish to discuss any aspect of your care in more detail, please contact the General Manager via Reception.

Your Rights and Responsibilities:

Manuka Street Hospital is committed to delivering care within the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights. Information on the Code of Rights and advocacy / support service is available in all patient rooms, the Day-stay unit and Reception.

Under this Code you have a right to:

  • Be treated with respect
  • Be treated fairly and without discrimination
  • Dignity and independence
  • Service of an appropriate standard
  • Effective communication
  • Be kept fully informed
  • Have informed choices and to give informed consent
  • Support
  • Full rights when participating in teaching or research
  • Complain
  • Confidentiality and privacy

We encourage you to:

  • Be actively involved in decisions about your care
  • Respect the rights of other patients
  • Comply with the no smoking policy
  • Respect the privacy of our staff.

We have a zero tolerance of violence – verbal or physical

To access advocacy/support services phone (03) 544 4116. This is a free and confidential service that can assist you if you have any concerns.


Manuka Street Hospital complies with the Health Information Privacy Code. All personal information collected is protected by the Privacy Act 1993. By law, we must retain your health records for ten years. You have the right to access any health information about you held by Manuka Street Hospital at any time. A request can be made through our Privacy Officer.

Your health information is collected to enable us to provide you with the best possible care and treatment during your stay, to share necessary information with others involved with your care, and for administration purposes.

If for any reason you require to be transferred to another hospital a copy of your notes from Manuka Street Hospital will accompany you. On discharge, a summary of your treatment will be sent to your General Practitioner by your surgeon. A copy of the Health Information Privacy Code is available for further information if desired.